Saturday, March 27, 2010


i must blog everyday

now is 11.15 pm on the 27th of march 2010. seeing other people blogs who are living a hectic world like mine can actually complete their day with a piece of writing in their blog make me realize that it is not impossible for me to do the same thing too isn't it? well maybe it's because of the "MALAS" factor i think. anyhow things should change at this very moment and shall not end in the near future. i hope....

a week ago, had a holiday and i went back home. it was like a great escape from classes. still tones of homework need to be completed and i actually brought a bag of books/papers/assignments/etc home. but the books stayed in the bag too long. when u're at home u won't be thinking to do any works right? plus it is a HOLIDAY!? still, to who should we argue. it was my choice(program KACA) anyway. hahaha. i glad tho i spend the whole week with my parents and do thing i like to do. cooking especially! :D:D:D

this week was so tiring. so many thing need to be completed. slept late and have to wake up early the whole weekdays. but the best thing was the GHOST HOUSE! it was splendid! i don't regret each second stapling the plastic bag to the table, tying tables together, restless sleep and so much more, not to mention being one of the ghost. it has been my dream to become one of the ghost in a ghost house. the best part is when u scream at people they started to scream too and run like crazy. it was a laugh! and the ghost house was a success.

tomorrow yet another new day to face. and more challenges to overcome. accounting case analysis is on monday and physics test is on friday next week. need to study!!! but i will try my best to write more and more posts in the future. wish me luck and do pray for my success and i too shall pray the same for u.

happy smiling :D