Monday, March 30, 2009

doa selamat/bbq

dated on 17th march 2009 ago, we held a "doa selamat" and bbq for me and my fellow buddies who had gone through SPM last year. as usual i baked caramel thinggy, cheese cake and mashed potatoes. (recipi rehsia farah majuki) long story cut short just look at the photos....

digg in!

kinky ice creams.

aniq + danny


grandmother busy kopek kepala toge



geng ngelepar


aunty sally




Wednesday, March 25, 2009

making my head explode!

hmmmm i figured that after repairing my stupid handphone would make my life great. but nooooooo...... it felt like pushing someone off a building. hmmm does it make sense to u??? well actually the phone was ok for a while like 4 months.... later on. i discovered the phone's keypads 1, 2 and 3 are so difficult to push... i mean, when u push 1, 2 & 3, nothing came out on the screen... u hv to push it so hard as if u need a hammer to smack it just to get "a" appear. damn it...

why !??!

i need a new one papa. please!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

crisis resolved?

it's been like last raya until now they hv been giving cold shoulder to each other. yaka? hmmm for sure......... but they still miss each other. itu i tahu sbb baru korek2 just now.. hahahah..... ya lah nama org bekawan ko..... why should there be a fight????????

this story has not been covered yet.. although i x paham gilak cta org tok... i main "aok2..." jak. :P
bebalaoi kah kita sesaudara berkelahi?
definitly not.. isn't it? trust me... ask other ppl, they'll say the same thing.
no matter how long dah bekawan.. kawan tetap kawan right?
bak kata pepatah dr mulut cgu memon (i miss her a lot)
bekawan biar beribu, berkasih biar seorang. hahah pa ka kaitan..
papa pun.. friends are like brothers and sisters to us. teman sepermainan. teman segossip, teman beranok, teman belajar...aisemen. hahaah..

but there are certain friend that we just need to let them go.. stay away form them...... x pelu la nak becategory2. everyone knows with whom shud they be friend with.

one more thing. don't simpan2 your thought to yourself. express them out. rasa dr.phil ndah tek.

and resolves every problem with your friend. resultnya akan membawa keberkatan dlm persahabatan. aisemen. hahaha


Saturday, March 21, 2009

ndak mengerti.....

i still doesn't know how to edit2 this blog.. it seems to be a kekurangan la... how?? help me!


Friday, March 20, 2009

geng ngelepar <3

redzuan affandi commonly nown as boy/juan. he's my abg. bit cranky like all the time but he' fun. like to cakap a lot and like making his geng laugh.. papa la...

farah marzuki, she's like a big sister to me..... hahaha comel kan? rofl we speciallised her place as out eating point. dinner, lunch, breakfast? supper! hahahaha masakan wawa memeng superb!

azie aziz. geger. the thing about her is that, when she reached gne nak madah o. climax la. bunyi "oink2" klua best gilak. but she's nice. and the other girl is my cuz. lynn.
abg dauz. gamba censored. hahahahah lol drebar ngelepar. hahahaha


muahahahahah first ever

i'm the guy in pink. if u're wondering. :)

hi you and you and you and you and you. heheheheh firstly, let me introduce me self, that me. i'm Ali. that's what ppl call me. Ali, simple, classic yet remember able. isn't it? hahaha... i'm 17 and turning 18 soon. 4th July to be exact. hmm what else? oh ya just got my spm result. what an excelent result i've got. glad that the whole family is happy. just happy to see them happy...

hrmm.... i've got nothing else to say la.....

till then.....


btw. u can find me at facebook:Alli Affandi