Friday, October 16, 2009

it's been 4 months since my last post.....

it's been since 4 months since m last post about the "boys before flowers". it's just that i've no idea what to post. i'm not a person who has lots of idea on what to post. gossips/poret2 stuffs to post and to share with u guys/girls.

it's been a month since my last holiday in kch. now i'm in shah alam at intec. still got 1 month before the semester break. *cchihuiii* lol.. unfortunately, the final examination is in two weeks time. scare? u can say that. since my last achievement for the quizes were so bad. like grade D bad. never hv i let the test paper blank. but at intec many things had happened. i'll take that as experiences to improve the future right?

blablabla. i'm out of words..... till then.

*beat the unbeatable!*

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


hey! it's been a while i guess... since the last post been posted dated may 11'th about BBF. honestly, i'm not good with writing (typing/popping new idea/bla3). that's why i've been too lazy to write new post. envying others with such incredible mind yet skills to write long, creative, full of ideas day by day. how to improve myself? writing isn't my kind of thing. but dump in the kitchen. woohoo... a lot of thing i can do. bake? cook? wash those dirty dishes? eat?! i'm best at eating. for sure. :D well enough about that.. till then. sayonaraaa

Monday, May 11, 2009

boys before flower has ended

hoaaaaa..... the drama finally meets it's end.... so sad.. now i dont know what korean drama to watch. :(
it seems to reach the end too fast.. need more actions after they've graduate. the ending was too sudden. end high school. then suddenly 4 years later... aiiiyaaa...
only hug hug kiss kiss... where's the scene when jandi and junpyo get married. and2 what happen to jihoo?? add more girls please! one for jihoo, one for woobin and one for the bubur shop tauke! hahahahahahah... apa2pun still <3 the drama. hope there's more in the future.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

syukur alhamdulillah

syukur alhamdulillah. dated on 9th may 09, the JPA result was officially out! i've been told it was supposed to be out by 3.00 pm. excited to check it out yet scared of not getting it. unfortunately it was delayed until 5.00 pm. argggg! so i waited until 5.00pm, then once again i tried to find the link to check the result. still cannot open! damn it. kdk org gila dah! muka dah kebinggongan. dont believe me. ask my parents. XD hmmmm... then i was kinda lemah semangat dah. at last tngga finding nemo lam disney channel. :\

dory juak menceriakan hari yg suram... :D thkns dory! *hug*hug*kiss*kiss*
around 12.00am i check again. all my friends told me they already got the offer! wow.. envy u!
then i try la. typed down my ic number. click "semak" *click* ecececec
hohohohoho.. arrrararr... hmmmmmm... bismillahirahmanirahim...
*jengjengjeng* "sukacita dimaklumkan saudara/saudari telah terpilih untuk program ijazah luar negara tajaan JPA 2009"
"ALHAMDULILLAH!!!! omg!!!!" jumping around here and there.. tekejut parents i when i slamed into their bedroom door..
syukur alhamdulillah i got the scholarship as well.. fyi i applied for the "seni bina" course :D
congratz to my friends who also got the JPA scholarship and other scholarship as well.
that's all abut the big thing that i've been waiting since i was 10 yrs old. ececececce :D

happy mother's day omma!

me wish happy mother;s day to my beloved mommy and also to all umi, ibu, mak, bonda, mama ans such in the whole world! i love u mommy! thnks for everything u've done for me!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

decision made?

dated on the 1st may 09, the UPU result was scheduled to be out. once i've checked on it and entered my id number, i've got my first choice, Universiti Malaya taking asasi alam bina which i really wanted. But i'm still waiting for JPA since my priority is on JPA. excitedly, the result will be out tomorrow, 8th may 09. eagerly waiting but scared of not getting it, let's all pray that not only me who will get the offer from jpa but also to everyone, who wishes for something that he or she really wanted and eventually will get it. amin2 ya rabbal alamin.

girls generation


latest addiction



lately, i sleep around 4 to 5 am. insomnia la i guess. listen to these. which one u prefer, korean or english? i prefer korean :D

Saturday, May 2, 2009


a nightmare that no one would ever want to face.
friday 1st may, my mom and i went to spring (where else to go?)
then in the parkson store, going down the escalator to ground, looking around seeking people i might know, suddenly there he was, standing at the perfume booth. menongeng. hahaha we wore the same shirt!!!
damn. pulling my mom aside sneaking under clothes, crawling my way out. afraid to be seen...
then i never see the man again.
the end.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

birthday aniq!


here's are few photos during the night of the event.

Friday, April 17, 2009


flu! most commonly known as flu! i hate flu so much.
 hate it hate it hate it hate it so much
u most probably experienced it right??? do u like it. absolutely NO. N+O=NO!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


educamp. my worst nightmare. at first i was so excited to be selected as one candidate to be interview for petronas scholarship... but to think about staying at that place.. hahahahah gne ooo! 
well the first day was fun actually. really. they ( the interviewers ) didn't believe me when i said the activities conducted the other day were fun. wtv.

so coming to the main part.. the interview! why is it always when it comes to interviewing i always got no.1?!?!
nervous gila. we were given a topic about crime wave among teenagers. 30 minutes were given to write anything that we want to say in front the panel. so i thought this is easy. so i wrote about one and quarter page about it...............
later when we were called into the ROOM, it became more nerve wrecking! 

interviewers: come in.
me: assalamualaikum!
 interviewers: walaikumsalam... :)
please sit.

then cta2 la psl benda tok... it'll be conducted about 15 minutes and yadiyadiyada....

interviewers: so tell us about ureself ali, best achievement in curricular activities, parents and so on....
me: my name is mohd ali. i'm 17. i studied at kolej abdillah. and my parents...... itu dan ini segala2 la....

later they asked,
interviewers:so what course was offered to u? do u like it?

how can i be so dumb? i answered...
me: they offered me geology. well actually, i hv more interest in architecture..

and they were shocked! and questioned me more & more..... anye!
interviewers: then why are u here... geology and archi are two very different things... no connection at all... are u sure? which one u hv more interest?

again me being an idiotic ass, 
me: i think architecture.....

interviewers: then why are u here? 

me: well i'm after the scholarship. 
(daaa?!)~  hahahah i didnt really said that out loud. gila nak!

interviewers: this isn't going to be a fully sponsor u know? u hv to .... ( x ingat )
i'm sure ure dad can afford to send u right... there only 2 of u.. u and ure brother... 

me: (yea right?!...) my dad already retired.

~maybe nya salah denga pa i pdh dad i kerja add progress chaser clerk in ENGINERING department at MAS.  

and then they repeated the question... which one do u prefer... they are vary different... u hv to choose wisely.. this is ure future ure deciding... 

i told them i prefer archi.. hahahahahahahha
then tutup kes.

another part of the interview. opinion upon the study case given "crime wave"
since i was so nervous in the first part i dah mati akal bah.. what i've wrote earlier nang x pat pake. x tauk dah apa nak di pdh.. nang x tentu klaka... and there's one time i forgot to breath! muahahaha... 

then after me and the other candidates got interviewed... all of us were called to enter again and discuss about the study case by ourselves... no voting is allowed.... we need to agree with one suggestion only in order to solve the problem "crime wave"... and time ya dah x tauk pa nak pdh.. since the first part ya i didn't know how to elaborate about my study case and the recomendation that i had to agree or disagree with....  ssince the interviewers questioned me a lot with my suggestion, last discussion i pdh jak.. my recommendation is not efficient at all... since benda2 seadanya serupa benda ya wihch actually is YOUTH CENTRE x berkesan. end of story.. so i agree ngan apa2 jak la... heheheheeh

oh ya lupak.... in the first session, i told them that teens are terpengaruh dgn tabiat ibu bapa di rumah.. so they usually polah apa yg parents polah... they asked me... is that true? do u mean every kids do what their parents do? i told them there are certain. lalu begossip. hahahahaha
example. blakang rumah i ada case mcm ya. then she asked. Where? around petra jaya. 
tkt la tetiba nya nyerang rumah ya mdh aku repot psl cdak. i'm so dead!. 

later, they told me to think carefully la... that's all... so i guess i x la mengharapkan petronas. mun dpt, alhamdulillah, if not. what can i do? just pray for a better thing... hopefully JPA choose me as their scholar amin amin yarabbalalamin.

note: jgn menjerat diri sendiri ok. :)

overall educamp was fun. gat to meet lots new friends. everyone was so kind and nice. gudluck to everyone. until we meet again in the future! 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

korean madness!

never get tired of watching these girls.... big thumbs up, wide smile and an annoying face for u! 

enjoy folks!


this or that, what to wear? blue? white? pink? hahahah... 

i'm off for the educamp for two days. be back with more jitz!

Friday, April 10, 2009

the innocent

have u ever been in love with anyone before. some may answer YES and some may answer NO. "maybe" is impossible. because maybe can't be describe. how can u maybe love someone? right?!
in my own opinion, i believe that love is hard. so much of that and so much of this. itu ini mcm2 x kenak la whatsoever. boohoo. maybe we're the one who are making so called LOVE hard. don't u think?? are there really steps for love??? just to think about it, i think no.... it's a natural thing.... anything could happen. and i believe we should just go with the flow. that's right, just go with the flow. but i can't say more because i don't think i hv that much experience compared to hasnor, myra, abg and sapa2 la. awg juak. ahahaha. lol. wtv it is.. just do what u can and capable off doing. don't force yourself to do something beyond your capability. make sense not make sin/scene . lol
here's a song to clear up your head.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

haaa.... jpa calls for interview

wow... dated when aa... don't remember.. first week of april la. got a splendid news from jpa.. and got called for interview. for a while i felt the excitement. like whhhhooopppiiieeeeee~

didn't realize that the interview was within a week, so i bak kata org swk beliang la sa nyawa tek.

hahahaha... didn't know what will be asked.. and got nothing to do... i'm thinking.. let's do a quick shopping... got a pair of shoes, pants and a new hairdo. i missed my hair. 
it's been like a week. the whole week thinking about the interview... ahh i'm so scared... scared that i will not be selected to get the scholarship... tawakal jak la...
uish.... nak tido pikir jpa, bgn tdo jpa, nak makan jpa, nak mandik jpa, nak mian pet society ingat jpa..... nang apa la... 

and then the day come.. yah i remember now. 3rd April. still didn't know what shud be prepared. i woke up and mandik pa semua kemas2 minum then drove off to pns. 
sesudah sampai yah... dupdapdupdapdupdap i registered and then immediately was called. i held the no1 card. hahahaha even worse! hahah nightmare 
but the interview must go on... so let it be... and yet didn't know what to do. i 2 groups of five we sat quietly in a room trying to curi2 dengar perbualan interviewers and the candidates. hahaha tp x da oleh. the other candidates were friendly. there were andrew, chinese boy from somewhere. afiq from sms, fadilatulaisyah a former kolejian, brendon from lodge.
we borak2 do nothing.. and i saw everyone prepared a page of introduction. yet i didn't do anything. nak apa la aku tok..... cepat2 ngingat.. papa la diingat. 

so then after 45 minutes waiting in the room, we were called to enter the room... hahahaha tangan basah koatan nervous. masok! aisemen.. "asalamuaikum, may we come in?" then we sat down and smile to each other. 
sesi cakap bercakap start la...
"ok" the lady said, "how are you today? are you dressed comfortably?" well everyone just nod.. so she told us to tell them about ourselves.. luckily she asked the candidate no.5.
wouhhh... so in that time i'm writing everything in my head..... remembering what i shud tell them.. btw, there were 3 panels. 
then when it was my turn i cakap la. but x semua tekeluar. begegar tkt...
but after a while ok la.. they were friendly.. not vicious at all... just want to hear we speak..

and then dikemukakan soalan cepu mas. aisemen. give your opinion and do you agree that teens these days are more materialistic and are a burden to parents.... wahhh.. soalan ini bolej jak ku jwb.. teringat ngan kekawan di sekolah, rami kdk ya.. even myself pun sama. so i pdh la i'm one of the person that u've just mentioned. i know it's a burden but usually i'll think first before i buy stuff. but if i dont get it, i diam jak. ambik gmba, brochure ka, tempek ke dindin dah la. they laughed and questioned me is that true. i pdh la yes. nok bena. then, soalan bahasa melayu favret cgu maimunah. internet sekarang memudahkan org untuk memperoleh pelbagai maklumat. termasuklah yag tutututut... cadangkan satu cara untuk mengelak perka sebergini berlaku. x mok nak nyalah org lain or dirik sendirik i putus kata madah we shud make somthing new in the internet that will attract the mind of youngsters against those tutututut stuff... so that they are occupied with these interesting thing and will not any curiousity 
about tututut to appear in their mind blablabla.

that was it. simple yah.. what a relief. but now hv to wait for the result.. another bencana la.. 
let's pray and hope that everyone will get what they one and will succed in what they are and about to do. amin amin yarabbal alamin.  

crashed? Left aside? i wonder....

there's this person who we,  i mean i dont want to mention the NAME. let's just call it 54. 
i'm so mad! hahaha lol. 


Monday, March 30, 2009

doa selamat/bbq

dated on 17th march 2009 ago, we held a "doa selamat" and bbq for me and my fellow buddies who had gone through SPM last year. as usual i baked caramel thinggy, cheese cake and mashed potatoes. (recipi rehsia farah majuki) long story cut short just look at the photos....

digg in!

kinky ice creams.

aniq + danny


grandmother busy kopek kepala toge



geng ngelepar


aunty sally




Wednesday, March 25, 2009

making my head explode!

hmmmm i figured that after repairing my stupid handphone would make my life great. but nooooooo...... it felt like pushing someone off a building. hmmm does it make sense to u??? well actually the phone was ok for a while like 4 months.... later on. i discovered the phone's keypads 1, 2 and 3 are so difficult to push... i mean, when u push 1, 2 & 3, nothing came out on the screen... u hv to push it so hard as if u need a hammer to smack it just to get "a" appear. damn it...

why !??!

i need a new one papa. please!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

crisis resolved?

it's been like last raya until now they hv been giving cold shoulder to each other. yaka? hmmm for sure......... but they still miss each other. itu i tahu sbb baru korek2 just now.. hahahah..... ya lah nama org bekawan ko..... why should there be a fight????????

this story has not been covered yet.. although i x paham gilak cta org tok... i main "aok2..." jak. :P
bebalaoi kah kita sesaudara berkelahi?
definitly not.. isn't it? trust me... ask other ppl, they'll say the same thing.
no matter how long dah bekawan.. kawan tetap kawan right?
bak kata pepatah dr mulut cgu memon (i miss her a lot)
bekawan biar beribu, berkasih biar seorang. hahah pa ka kaitan..
papa pun.. friends are like brothers and sisters to us. teman sepermainan. teman segossip, teman beranok, teman belajar...aisemen. hahaah..

but there are certain friend that we just need to let them go.. stay away form them...... x pelu la nak becategory2. everyone knows with whom shud they be friend with.

one more thing. don't simpan2 your thought to yourself. express them out. rasa dr.phil ndah tek.

and resolves every problem with your friend. resultnya akan membawa keberkatan dlm persahabatan. aisemen. hahaha


Saturday, March 21, 2009

ndak mengerti.....

i still doesn't know how to edit2 this blog.. it seems to be a kekurangan la... how?? help me!


Friday, March 20, 2009

geng ngelepar <3

redzuan affandi commonly nown as boy/juan. he's my abg. bit cranky like all the time but he' fun. like to cakap a lot and like making his geng laugh.. papa la...

farah marzuki, she's like a big sister to me..... hahaha comel kan? rofl we speciallised her place as out eating point. dinner, lunch, breakfast? supper! hahahaha masakan wawa memeng superb!

azie aziz. geger. the thing about her is that, when she reached gne nak madah o. climax la. bunyi "oink2" klua best gilak. but she's nice. and the other girl is my cuz. lynn.
abg dauz. gamba censored. hahahahah lol drebar ngelepar. hahahaha


muahahahahah first ever

i'm the guy in pink. if u're wondering. :)

hi you and you and you and you and you. heheheheh firstly, let me introduce me self, that me. i'm Ali. that's what ppl call me. Ali, simple, classic yet remember able. isn't it? hahaha... i'm 17 and turning 18 soon. 4th July to be exact. hmm what else? oh ya just got my spm result. what an excelent result i've got. glad that the whole family is happy. just happy to see them happy...

hrmm.... i've got nothing else to say la.....

till then.....


btw. u can find me at facebook:Alli Affandi