Monday, January 10, 2011

Girls, i miss u

aigoo... it's been such a long time since i last post something in my blog.. luckily i still remember the password to log in. So for the current moment.. i can say that i'm rotting in my own bedroom doing nothing since the mid of november. been eating and sleeping all day long..... during this holiday i spent less time with my friends compared to the time when we had the long break afterthe freaking SPM! we had such a great holiday.... i think AWESOME is best describe it. noweveryone seems to be in their own course and path since everyone is taking different courses now. some have gone to other countries to further their studies... i really miss them. i really do..

i miss u girls!!! ELLE MUNI MONA!!! i miss u girls so much... (Bila la nk jumpa tok oo?!?!?!)




take care girls! Hope to see u soon!