Tuesday, April 27, 2010


kinky and square... i like it

i just love my classmates and friends in INTEC

hello.... after these past few days i've been so happy where the sky is the limit. i really am grateful to be a part of my classmates now whom i would call as my INTEC family. despite all the stressed and pain in the ass i faced throughout this semester, at the end of the day my life is filled with joy from all my beloved friends and classmates.

i would have to say that if i were not to be apart from my classmate now i don't think i would actually become the person i am now. what i'm trying to say is that i would be hiding in my shell and not being the true me! i mean this is ME! cranky, what else huh? i guess my friends can describe me better than i can. and the best thing is they love me for who i really am... i love u guys so much like really really really....... :D

not just that tho, because of them too i met more people. people i that i didn't really know about their existence in INTEC, people who i rarely see, people who know me but i don't know who they are not saying i am well known tho (LOL) and people that i really wanna meet. i really really appreciate it guys.

not to mention about the outstanding and "gila2" in a good way lecturers. u guys really rock!!! never have i felt about my lecturers (teachers) like this. so i guess it is a good thing. tqtqtqtqtqtqtqtqtqtqtq soooooooo much!

so, i've spread my wings now and hopefully i will spread my wings and ready to board that airplane to NZ with u guys and chasing our dreams and together we shall be the

Saturday, April 24, 2010

ielts is over

well ielts is over. good thing it's been done now and not later or else i can go bald stressing not only for the ielts but the SACE! still happy that ielts is over and i hope to get at least band 7. at least! i know to what extend i'm capable of doing especially in my english and i don't see myself holding the ielts result with band 8 and above. and last but not least, i hope that i don't need to repeat it again. i don't think i can handle it again and again and again and again. btw did u guys watch the music video Telephone by gaga?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

classic backpack

i like this type of bag. it's simple, classic yet edgy.

toms shoes

i want this shoes so bad....

latest desire

feels like being drag on the road

omg, it's been a month. starting from the mid sem holiday till today, it was like crazy. works assignments, tests, what else u name it! non stop! it feels like a drag..... i can't really put it to words how i feel for this past few weeks. all i can say is i'm pretty exhausted! damn. it feels likethis...

it's like u stuck in a room without air to breath in. i wanna out!!!!!! still to think of it, why right? it was my choice anyway. since the KACA program everything that i'm trying to argue will surely involve the term "my choice".... so irritating la... i didn't know that it was going to be this hectic?! it's like u're running here and there sipping coffee and at the same time reading a book. but actually that can be done la. still my point is, it's really tough to do so many thing all at once. not only that, ielts is coming soon ok. it's friggin ielts ok! speaking man!!!! why is my tongue so bebelit2 when i wanted to pronounce some words and why is it hard for me to think on what should i say on the spot. it's supposed to be like when u're taking to ure mate. haaaaa these dilemmas are killing me. by hook or by crook i hv to give my 200% hard work and commitment to excel and get the certificate with high enough TER to get me a place in NZ later.

wish me luck guys. i need to bare with this hectic life for another 7 months. 7 MONTHS?!?!?!?!!?

anyhow. do enjoy each and every second of your life. every moment counts <3