Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i just love my classmates and friends in INTEC

hello.... after these past few days i've been so happy where the sky is the limit. i really am grateful to be a part of my classmates now whom i would call as my INTEC family. despite all the stressed and pain in the ass i faced throughout this semester, at the end of the day my life is filled with joy from all my beloved friends and classmates.

i would have to say that if i were not to be apart from my classmate now i don't think i would actually become the person i am now. what i'm trying to say is that i would be hiding in my shell and not being the true me! i mean this is ME! cranky, what else huh? i guess my friends can describe me better than i can. and the best thing is they love me for who i really am... i love u guys so much like really really really....... :D

not just that tho, because of them too i met more people. people i that i didn't really know about their existence in INTEC, people who i rarely see, people who know me but i don't know who they are not saying i am well known tho (LOL) and people that i really wanna meet. i really really appreciate it guys.

not to mention about the outstanding and "gila2" in a good way lecturers. u guys really rock!!! never have i felt about my lecturers (teachers) like this. so i guess it is a good thing. tqtqtqtqtqtqtqtqtqtqtq soooooooo much!

so, i've spread my wings now and hopefully i will spread my wings and ready to board that airplane to NZ with u guys and chasing our dreams and together we shall be the

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